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Building and Zoning

The Code Enforcement Officer is responsible for the issuance of permits and the enforcement of the New York State Building Code and the Caledonia Town Code. The Code Enforcement Officer inspects projects for which permits have been issued to ensure that construction complies with approved plans and regulations. Upon project completion, following a final inspection to ensure that finished work meets all applicable codes and standards, the Code Enforcement Officer issues a certificate of occupancy or certificate of compliance.

The department is responsible for:
Enforcing the Town’s local zoning codes
Responding to property complaints
Administering and carrying out the decisions of the Planning Board and the Zoning Board of Appeals
Coordinating these boards with other town/village, county, and state agencies

Photo of Tom Perkins, Code Enforcement Officer

Tom Perkins

Direct    (585) 538-9320
Office     (585) 538-4927 ext 125
Fax          (585) 538-6348


Town of Caledonia
Code Enforcement Officer
3109 Main Street
Caledonia, NY 14423