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Planning Board

E-Code for Town of Caledonia

The Planning Board is a seven member board appointed by the Town Board to deal with land usage in the Town outside the Village. They are a recommending body to the Town Board and serve seven-year terms.

This board meets on the fourth Wednesday each month at 7:30 PM in the Town Hall. There will be NO meeting in December.

MemberTerm Information
Steven Sickles (Chairman)7 years(Appointed)December 31, 2026
Jenea Rychlicki7 years(Appointed)December 31, 2027
Keith Stein7 years(Appointed)December 31, 2021
Mark Callan7 years(Appointed)December 31, 2022
Kevin Keenan7 years(Appointed)December 31, 2023
C. Joan Crunden7 years(Appointed)December 31, 2024
George (Bill) Middleton IV7 years(Appointed)December 31, 2025


2021 Scheduled Planning Board Meetings:

Meetings shall be held at the Town Hall at 7:30PM on the fourth Wednesday of each month unless noted otherwise:

Click here for the meeting schedule.


Katie Hillman, Planning Board Clerk

Office    (585) 538-4927
Fax          (585) 538-6348




Town of Caledonia
Planning Board Clerk
3109 Main Street
Caledonia, NY 14423

To be placed on the Planning Board Agenda you must contact the Planning Board Clerk at: 538-4927

Planning Board Minutes