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Planning Board

E-Code for Town of Caledonia

The Planning Board is a seven member board appointed by the Town Board to deal with land usage in the Town outside the Village. They are a recommending body to the Town Board and serve seven-year terms.

This board meets on the fourth Wednesday each month at 7:30 PM in the Town Hall. There will be NO meeting in December.

Member Term Information
Robert Sturm (Chairman) 7 years (Appointed) December 31, 2023
Steven Sickles 7 years (Appointed) December 31, 2019
Jenea Rychlicki 7 years (Appointed) December 31, 2020
Keith Stein 7 years (Appointed) December 31, 2021
Mark Callan 7 years (Appointed) December 31, 2022
C. Joan Crunden 7 years (Appointed) December 31, 2024
George (Bill) Middleton IV 7 years (Appointed) December 31, 2025


2019 Scheduled Planning Board Meetings:

Meetings shall be held at the Town Hall at 7:30PM on the fourth Wednesday of each month unless noted otherwise:


Katie Hillman, Planning Board Clerk

Office    (585) 538-4927 ext 122
Fax          (585) 538-6348




Town of Caledonia
Planning Board Clerk
3109 Main Street
Caledonia, NY 14423

To be placed on the Planning Board Agenda you must contact the Planning Board Clerk at: 538-4927 Extension 22