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Recycle Center and Transfer Station

The Town of Caledonia Recycle Center and Transfer Station is located on the corner of Middle Rd. and Daley Rd. Brush is also accepted at this location.

The Transfer Station is open from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM on Saturday to the residents of the Town of Caledonia only.


To dispose of garbage you must purchase a punch card at the Transfer St./Recycle Center. The cost of each punch card is $10.00 (4 – $2.50 punches). Each 30 gallon garbage bag is one punch. Please see the rate sheet under Quick Links for the charges for other items.


It is extremely important that the only items placed in recyclables containers are those listed below, prepared as noted and clean.

Glass Bottles & Jars – Clear, green and brown. No cobalt blue bottles, window glass, light bulbs, ceramics, drinking glasses, lids or debris.
Steel, Bi-Metal and Aluminum Cans – Clean with labels removed.
Plastic Bottles – Screw top only, #1 (PET) or #2 (HDPE)-Milk, water, & detergent jugs.
Newspaper, Magazines – Placed in paper grocery bags.
Corrugated Cardboard – Folded flat, no boxboard (cereal, cracker boxes, etc.)

Other Materials Accepted

Tires – $2.50 without rims, $5.00 with rims.
Scrap Steel and Aluminum – accepted for free.
Vehicle Batteries – Lead Acid – accepted for free.
Waste Motor Oil – accepted for free.
Electronics – accepted for free.
EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELYElectronic Recycling is no longer free.

For more information on the Recycling Center or town services contact:
Supervisor Daniel Pangrazio at 585-538-4927 ext 124
Town Clerk Seth Graham at 585-538-4927
Highway Superintendent Mark Schroeder at 585-538-2288